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Custom Embroidered Patches are the perfect alternate of industrial embroidery or custom embroidery in affordable rates. You can use these patches for promotional events, Sports events, Conferences, Family parties and other informational events. We also called Iron on Patches.

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Types of Patches.

There are many choices like different type of Borders and Backing options.

Border Options: We have two type of borders. Hot Cut border and Merrow edge border. Hot cut border create by embroidered machine and cut with hot iron. Its beautiful and equal border thickness.

Merrow border create after completing embroidery process. It has some limitations like Thread color options, Border thickness and Stitch equality. Maybe it has some limitation but its more beautiful then Hotcut Border

Type of Backing and Options. (Embroidered Patches)

  • Iron on patches.
  • Velcro Backing.
  • Button Loop Patches
  • Plastic Backing
  • Tape Backing
  • Metallic thread patch

Direct Embroidery VS Embroidery Patch

Custom Direct embroidery

Direct embroidery involves applying the embroidered logo on a piece of cloth directly onto your sleeve, cap, bag, jacket, and so on. embroidered patch paste onto the shirt and, in effect, becomes “part of” what it is embroidered onto.

Embroidery Patches

Patch embroidery, as you’d expect, is different in so far as it is not directly embroidered on. Instead, it is paste on top of the fabric and then either ironed or sewn on. This means that patch embroideries can be replace or move from one shirt and placed on another! Not only that, but embroidered patches are also more stable since they are created on a substrate of a patch rather than a piece of cloth like a shirt. This allows patch embroidery to have finer detail than direct embroidery.

The Patchwork generally deals with patch embroideries because they have many advantages over direct embroideries. For example:

  • More versatile: patch embroideries can be applied to any form of clothing and can easily be applied which makes it very accessible to everyone.
  • Less costly: because of new computerized designs and sewing technologies, embroidered patches are easier to make nowadays. Plus, embroidered patches also allow for more details so you get more bang for your buck.
  • They’re collectibles: because they can be replace and sewn onto any other fabric, many embroideries have become collectibles
  • It’s fashionable: In case you were wondering, patches are totally in now. Walk in any city, and you see patches sewn onto clothes quite commonly. Celebrities also rep their favorites all the time.

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